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Oumagadoki Zoo

Oumagadoki Zoo
Manga by Hero Academia Mangaka "HORIKOSHI Kouhei". totally unrelated to Hero Academia. Aoi Hana is a normal female high-school student, though she is extremely clumsy and thus tagged as good-for-nothing. But Hana wants to change herself and decides that finding a part time job would be taking the first step in that direction. Being an animal lover, Hana's job of dreams is encountering animals day-to-day and taking care of them - the zoo sounds like the perfect place for that. So when she happens to see a job offer from a local animal park it's settled she'll attend a job interview. When Hana arrives at the zoo everything seems just fine. The "Oumagadoki Zoo" might be going south but altogether it's your regular animal park. Just a very normal zoo, one might think. But that is only until Hana gets to meet the zoo director...
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